About us.

Development: Power Wash Industries is a company that was developed out of a common need of our customers for “Training”. Most of our customers would buy equipment and later call with questions on how to market and utilize this great tool. Our commitment is to support our valued customers, thus we began a powerful hands-on Training “Boot Camp”. This valuable training is carefully designed to train and educate our customers on how to effectively utilize this quality tool within a very profitable strategy.

Marketing: Over the last 25 years our parent company has sold hundreds of wash systems. We’ve studied the industry in order to evaluate what makes a Power Washing company successful and also not so successful. We offer a marketing program to help you get the best traction in the industry

Goal: Build your new or existing business by adding or providing many services. We do this by first adding to or building up your account base. We can then broaden your exposure to identify the most profitable markets and services in your service area.

Offerings: We offer four different Power Washing packages depending on your needs and budget.